The following crane training reference materials are used by CCO’s Examination Management Committees to verify the accuracy of CCO test questions.

  • Articulating Crane Candidate Reference Material
  • Articulating Crane Reference Manual
  • Crane Inspector Reference Material
  • Mobile Crane Candidate Reference Material
  • Mobile Crane Exam Load Charts
  • Overhead Crane Candidate Reference Material
  • Rigger Candidate Reference Material
  • Rigger Reference Manual
  • Rigger Reference Booklet
  • Signalperson Candidate Reference Material
  • Signalperson Reference Manual
  • Tower Crane Candidate Reference Material
  • Tower Crane Reference Manual

We take pride in training crane operators to be the best at their jobs. We know just how important safety is on a job site and believe that good safety habits start with quality training. While we provide handbooks for you at the beginning of each class, we’ve created this page of resources to give you access to as many crane operator training materials possible.

Please contact us if there is a reference work you’d like to receive that is not available here. We want to help in every way we can.