Articulating Boom Crane Certification

The number of articulating boom cranes in use in the United States is growing steadily. With practical applications in industries including construction, public utilities, delivery, and multiple service industries, articulating cranes are quickly becoming an essential tool for commerce across the country.

If you have questions about Articulating Boom Crane (ABC) certification, Nationwide Crane Training is here to help. For over a decade, we’ve been leading the industry in crane training and certification. And, in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified articulating crane operators we’re offer articulating boom crane training to companies for both first-time certification and experienced-operator recertification.

NCT uses industry-accepted standards for all of our educational materials, classroom instruction, and written and practical test prep. We’ve created all of our programs to fall in line with guidelines created by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) in order to give all of our attendees the ability to safely and lawfully operate many different types of cranes anywhere in the country.

Our articulating crane training programs are offered as private classes to employers and other organizations that need industry-leading instruction, testing, and certification for their operators at their base of operations. These closed-enrollment classes can be hosted anywhere in the country and will result in operators earning NCCCO certification—important if they intend to use their newfound skills in a variety of industries including construction.

Have questions about articulating crane certification? Nationwide Crane Training has the answers.

What is an Articulating Boom Crane?

An articulating crane is a piece of heavy lifting equipment that features a boom equipped with joints that can be articulated or folded. This allows the boom to be manipulated in a variety of ways to deliver the load to destinations that telescoping boom cranes cannot reach. Articulating cranes can also be folded into compact sizes for easy transport. These types of lifting devices are often truck-mounted and may also be called knuckle boom cranes.

Does OSHA Require Articulating Boom Crane Certification?

That depends on how the articulating crane is going to be used. In certain circumstances, articulating cranes can be operated by non-certified individuals. In others, certification is required.

Understanding the need for OSHA-approved certification is not always easy. For example, most delivery vehicles equipped with articulating cranes do not require certified operators. However, if those same pieces of machinery are involved in the construction industry, certification is required.

However, “involved in the construction industry” is a complicated statement in itself. For example, if a delivery truck equipped with an articulating crane is simply dropping building supplies off at ground level on a job site, the operator does not need certification in most cases. But if a truck is tasked with dropping those same supplies on an elevated platform (such as the second story of a structure), or if the crane is used to position a piece of equipment (such as an HVAC unit or even a vent unit over a commercial oven), certification would be required.

If you have concerns, the flowchart below should help you answer them. Just answer the questions and follow the arrows!

Do I Need Articulating Boom Crane Certification?

Understanding just who does and does not need ABC certification can be a messy question to answer. In order to reduce the potential for violations and minimize the risk of financial penalties, it may be in your company’s best interest to get all articulating crane operators certified by an accredited compliance agency.

How Can I Get NCCCO Articulating Boom Crane Certification?

Nationwide Crane Training has been an industry leader in crane training and NCCCO certification for years. Our programs have helped hundreds of individuals earn operator certificates backed by the NCCCO (a nationally recognized and OSHA-approved agency) in order to increase their productivity and improve workflow at locations all over the United States.

If your operators need articulating crane certification, our ABC training and certification program can help. Offered as private classes hosted at your facility, NCT’s articulating crane certification courses are available anywhere in the country.

Please keep in mind that in order to successfully earn NCCCO certification, candidates must pass both a written exam as well as one or more practical examinations behind the controls of an actual machine. The NCCCO also requires that the practical exams be passed within one calendar year (12 months) of the date when the candidate passes their first written exam. More than one exam may be required if the operator is seeking NCCCO certification on more than one type of crane.

What About Articulating Boom Loader Training?

NCT also offers Articulating Boom Loader (ABM) training and certification in private classes, if your team need training to get up to speed and remain compliant with federal and local standards. The boom loader courses are very similar in style and delivery to the crane training classes.

How Long is Articulating Crane Training Certification Good For?

Articulating crane training certification doesn’t last forever. Certification is good for five years from the date the operator passes their first written or practical exam—not from the time they actually earn certification via passing both written and practical exams. That means every operator will need to be recertified regularly in order to maintain their current level of productivity without increasing the risk of OSHA violations and fines.

The recertification process is often much easier than training a new operator from the ground up. Often recertification can be completed in a matter of a couple of days.

Have questions about who needs certification, how to get it, and what’s involved in the process? Contact NCT today. Call us at (877) 628-2762 or contact us online.

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