Open Enrollment
Crane Training & Certification

Nationwide Crane Training offers on-site crane operator certification classes to both individual operators and companies. We bring the instructors, the classes, and the examinations to a location near you which saves time, money, and hassle so you can get about your business. In fact, getting your operators and their certifications up to date has never been easier.

The open enrollment on-site crane training certification classes are administered at a facility near you, year-round, such as: California, Iowa, Texas, Nevada and North Carolina.

In order to make the most of this unique resource, we suggest scheduling your training in blocks in order to accommodate the most operators possible in the least amount of time. (However, if our open enrollment classes don’t fit your schedule, we also offer private crane training classes as well.)

Benefits of Open Enrollment On-Site Crane Operator Certification Classes

On-site training is a huge asset that allows you to train all of your crane operators more quickly and with fewer hassles. We understand that these people are essential to your operations and having them sidelined for days isn’t something you’re willing or able to do. Our on-site crane training certification classes allow you to get your operators the certification they need (including OSHA mandated CCO certification) with the minimum disruption to their schedules or your timelines.

In addition, open enrollment on-site crane operator certification classes are:

  • Less expensive than private classes
  • Can accommodate large numbers of operators at once 
  • Are open to all comers including small, owner-operator businesses and individuals
  • Can be requested nationwide (provided there’s enough local interest)
  • Provide high-quality training from expert operators, instructors, and examiners

Expert Instructors Maximize Your Training Time

For crane industries, such as Utility, Power & Energy, time is money. Nationwide Crane Training knows that you don’t have time to spare. If you’re a large company, you can’t afford to send multiple operators away for training and risk that they’ll fail the actual exams. If you’re a small company or even an owner/operator, every hour you spend in the classroom is an hour out of your paycheck.

That’s why NCT has enlisted expert instructors from a wide variety of backgrounds. In fact, our NCCCO accredited instructors and examiners bring a wide range of experience from a variety of careers including Military, Firefighting, FEMA, IUOE Union, CALOSHA and FEDOSHA.

That means you get the absolute best training available during our on-site crane training and certification classes. That minimizes the time you’ll spend in the classroom, and minimizes the risk of having to retest for certification.

In fact, we’ll guarantee that your operators will pass their written exams!
Our instructors will teach operators:

  • Safety fundamentals
  • Signaling
  • Inspection
  • And much more!

Our Equipment, Your Operators

Our on-site crane operator and certification classes allow us to bring the necessary equipment to your area in order for us to facilitate the learning and practical exams. This means you don’t have to sacrifice your equipment for the duration of the three-day course (or have to sacrifice your training because you don’t have equipment of your own). This saves a ton of time and money because your equipment stays right at your job sites. No need to get it test weighed, get CADs or transport it to the class location for setup. Because your equipment stays on site, you can cycle all of your operators through our open enrollment programs so you are never left with idle machinery.

This arrangement also allows individual crane operators to seek certification whether they are currently employed by a company (and/or have access to equipment) or not.

Contact Us for Locations and Info

Our training programs are available nationwide and are open to companies large or small in addition to individuals. Contact us for more information about locations or to request on-site crane operator and certification classes in your area.