Knuckle Boom Crane Training

Knuckle Boom Crane Training and You—Do You Need It or Not? You see them almost every day but may not even know it. Knuckle Boom Cranes have become such an integral part of our lives here in America that we don’t even bat an eyelash when we see one driving down the road (unless it’s […]

OSHA Revokes Crane Institute Certification (CIC) Accreditation

OSHA Revokes CIC’s Accreditation In a shocking announcement last month (November 2019), the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revoked the accreditation of a previously nationally recognized crane training certification program. Crane Institute Certification (CIC) is no longer nationally accredited, meaning that the program cannot currently certify crane operators in the […]

NCCCO Crane Operator Certification

  Nationwide Crane Training is a leader in providing individuals and groups with training and exams to obtain NCCCO Crane Operator Certification. More than ever, finding quality crane training is of the utmost importance. In addition to the added measure of safety a well-trained crane operator provides, NCCCO crane operator certification also meets – OSHA […]

Stahl Truck Bodies

NCT Partners with STAHL to Provide STC Certification

In response to new OSHA regulations, Nationwide Crane Training (NCT), a leader in NCCCO crane certification training, has partnered with STAHL® to create a first of its kind class for Service Truck Crane (STC) operators. The five-day pilot program will be hosted by Total Truck & Trailer this February in Texas and serve as the […]

Nationwide Crane Training Reviews

The True Story Hidden in Nationwide Crane Training Reviews

Nationwide Crane Training has been providing top-quality training to independent and affiliated crane and boom truck operators all over the country. We’ve crafted NCCCO test preparation that pushes students so they’ve nothing to fear from the actual exam. In fact, the vast majority pass the very first time. In addition, we help companies large and […]

New OSHA Regulations for Crane Operators

Crane Operators Nationwide React to New OSHA Regulations

Early this spring, new OSHA regulations went into effect which changed the certification process for certain types of crane operation across the board. While the regulations were inspired by the differences between crane types (mostly defined by capacity) industry insiders aren’t happy. The regulations require yet another level of testing but shift the focus from […]

Service Truck Crane Operator Certification

New Regulations for Service Truck Crane Operators

New NCCCO regulations went into effect this month (April 2013) that have wide reaching implications for crane operators everywhere. This new certification not only applies to service truck crane manufacturers but also to operators and the companies that own them as well. These smaller cranes have been subject to OSHA 1926 Subpart CC since 2010—which […]

Crane Training Jobs in California

Crane Training for Jobs in California

Crane Operator Training in essential for finding a Crane Job in California Crane operator training in California is essential because the Golden State is one of a handful of states that require all operators to earn NCCCO re-certification every 5 years. Crane operators need to stay on top of their skills and any new regulations […]

Crane Operator Classes in New York

Crane Operator Classes in New York

Crane Operator Classes in New York Help You Get Your Foot in the Door! Crane operator classes in New York can put your annual salary over $500,000. That’s according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ discovered that many of the 6,000 plus union crane operators in the Big Apple were making […]

crane school for beginners

School For Beginners

Learn How to Operate a Crane and Get Certified in just 6 Days! Get training for a growing industry fast. Who should attend: Beginners Novices Anyone ready for a career change Anyone interested in becoming a Certified Crane Operator Contact us using the form below to enroll in our Crane Training Boot Camp, located in […]

crane signaling certification illinois

Crane Signal Certification in Illinois

More than 205,000 people in Illinois make their living in the construction business, including crane operators and signal people. While the certification requirements that took place in 2010 may seem like a hassle, keep in mind that proper crane training and certification can help to reduce the number of crane accidents and crane related deaths.

2012 Top Crane Trainer Awards Nomination

Crane & Rigging Hot Line will recognize the industry’s top trainers in an awards program to be featured in the November 2012 issue.

Trainers will be recognized for having a positive impact on students, the work environment or the industry through the use of innovative training techniques or hands-on instruction, by encouraging peer or corporate accountability, and/or through quantitative or anecdotal evidence that the training was successful. Submit your nomination today!

Crane Training Texas

NCCCO Crane Test Prep in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? That can certainly be said for the construction industry. In spite of the economic climate, there are still many crane jobs available in Texas. While the construction industry is marching on in the Lone Star State, it is important to make sure that you are current on all required NCCCO certifications before you apply for a job. If you have employees who work with cranes then it’s important to make sure that they have the required certifications as well.

Crane Training Arkansas

Crane Operator Classes in Arkansas

Some would be surprised to learn that Arkansas, along with five other states, has one of the 2nd highest location quotients of crane operators in the entire country. There also seems to be a good number of employment opportunities in the state, with one job site listing more than 1400 open positions.

NCCCO certification card

Economic Downturn Produces Increase in CCO Re-certifications

Some would think that a difficult economy would cause a decrease in the number of crane operators who pay to keep their certifications current – especially among those crane operators who are not working at the moment. Instead, the opposite is proving true. Crane Operators understand that it costs less to re-certify than it does to lose their certification and then have to start the process all over again down the road. That is why even out-of-work men and women are choosing to take advantage of how easy it is to re-certify.

Nationwide Crane Training Reviews

Crane Training Testimonial

At Nationwide Crane Training, we are like one big family!  We all celebrate when a thank you letter or testimonial that comes through praising a job well-done.  In the testimonial below Mr. Sandquist recommends our Don Childers for the Annual Crane Trainer of 2011 award.  This isn’t his first nomination and we hope it won’t […]

mobile crane training

Mississippi Class Sep 23rd – 27th

MISSISSIPPI OPEN ENROLLMENT CLASS September 23rd – 27th, 2011 We are combining the NCCCO Crane Operators class with an OSHA Qualifying Rigger/Signalperson class “Offering all Mobile Endorsements”. This CCO Crane Certification and QRS (Qualifying Rigger/Signalperson) class is being Hosted by SIGNAL INTERNATIONAL Group rates are available We are the only company in the Nation that […]

Crane Training Arkansas

Arkansas Class Sep 30 – Oct 4th

ARKANSAS OPEN ENROLLMENT CLASS September 30th – October 4th We are combining the NCCCO Crane Operators class with an OSHA Qualifying Rigger/Signalperson class “Offering all Mobile Endorsements”. This CCO Crane Certification and QRS (Qualifying Rigger/Signalperson) class is being Hosted by TANNERS TOWING AND CRANE SERVICE Group rates are available We are the only company in […]

Top Crane Trainer Award

Our very own Don Childers was NOMINATED for the Top Crane Trainer Award and praised for his effective teaching methods in the Crane Hot Line November 2011 issue. We are so very proud of him! SUMMARY Realizing that effective training will continue to play a critical role in the overall safety of crane and rigging […]

Crane Operator Career

A Crane Operator Career

A career as a crane operator is rewarding financially and in providing the operator with a sense of accomplishment. A crane is a very complicated and potentially dangerous piece of equipment. It’s not like you can just watch someone operate one and then hop on. Instead, becoming a crane operator and receiving the necessary crane […]

Crane Accidents

Crane Related Accidents – Preventable!

There are some jobs in which you must be on the top of your game at all times, and operating a crane is one of them. Operating a crane can be a dangerous job, and there are hundreds of crane accidents each year. Many of these accidents prove fatal, while most of them were totally […]


Enroll Now for Summer Classes – Safety Should Never Take a Vacation

Summer is here and now is the perfect time to set aside some time for yourself and/or your employees to take those safety classes you’ve been postponing all year. Nationwide Crane Training offers a comprehensive list of classes that cover all aspects of crane and construction safety as well as crane operator certification. We can […]

International Crane Training

Nationwide Training Goes International

Nationwide Crane Training is proud to announce that we will now be providing crane operator certification training internationally and to military personnel.  We are currently expanding our Mobile Crane Programs to the following countries: Canada Bahamas Israel Mexico Dubai Saudi Arabia Brazil NCT has helped thousands of operators gain the qualifications and/or certifications that they […]

CONEXPO Crane Training


What Is The CONEXPO-CON/AGG? CONEXPO-CON/AGG is a conference and exhibit for those in the construction industries. People come from all over the world to attend the CONEXPO-CON/AGG, which is only held once every three years. This year, 2011, the conference will be held at the beautiful Las Vegas Convention Center from March 22 through March […]

OSHA Ruling


New OSHA ruling requires that all crane operators be certified through an accredited organization. Nationwide Crane Training meets the required standards. July 28,2010 – Extensive new requirements for the qualifications of crane operators and signalpersons were published today by Federal OSHA in the most wide-ranging revision of the rules governing the use of cranes in […]