Crane Training School

All Under One Roof

Our Crane Training Boot Camp was designed to be the one-stop Crane School for every certification you need. Not only do you receive one-on-one training, but we’ll take you right through the written and practical portions of your certification exams right here. This intensive crane training program was designed to benefit operators of any experience level from those with no experience to those with years of “seat time.”

  • For employers, this eliminates time and travel constraints and shortens training time. Your operators will be up to speed fast.
  • For individuals, it means you get everything you need under one roof. There’s no “shopping around,” piecemeal certification, or wasted time.
  • Everything you need in a Crane Training School from basic learning to advanced tutorials and nationally accredited certification is in one spot.

In both cases, when you save time, you save money. NCT Crane Training Boot Camp is not only one of the shortest and most intensive programs around, it’s also one of the most cost-effective.

Expert Instructors

The instructors at NCT’s Crane Training School have years of real-life experience under their belts and offer more than just textbook learning and cardboard examples. They have spent years honing their skills and can pass on those essential bits knowledge that can only be learned while at the controls.

Pass Your Exams – Guaranteed!

But what good is training if you can’t pass the tests? Nationwide Crane Training puts pride in our program and guarantees that every student will pass the written portions of the NCCCO Certification Exams! If the candidate fails the written portion of his/her exam, they can re-attend any of our open enrollment classes to retest free of charge. The only expense incurred would be the necessary IAI fees and any travel expenses.

Get Certified in Just 5 Days

Our state-of-the-art facility offers all levels of training as well as NCCCO written and practical exams for:

  • Lattice Crawler

    Instruction, Simulation, Real-Life Training

  • Lattice Boom Truck

    State-of-the-art computerized simulators will get you up to speed

  • Large Telescopic Swing Cab

    Nothing can replace sitting in the cockpit of a machine – so you’ll get plenty of “seat time” on our full line of equipment

  • Small Telescopic Fixed Cab

    Our crane training boot camp takes advantage of the best resources in the industry to take your skills to the next level

Choose Your Endorsement Package

Package I

  • New Operators TSS
    (Small Telescopic Boom Truck endorsement)
  • Includes the STC Service Truck endorsement
  • All NCCCO fees included for written and practical exams
  • 7 Day Class
  • 3 Endorsements

Package II

  • New operators TLL
    (Large Telescopic Swing Cab endorsement)
  • All NCCCO/IAI fees included for written and practical exams
  • 7 Day Class
  • 1 Endorsement

Package III

Only for Companies with Private Bootcamps of 5

  • New operators TSS
    (Small Telescopic Boom Truck endorsement)
  • STC Service Truck endorsement
  • TLL Large Telescopic Swing Cab endorsement
  • All NCCCO/IAI fees included for written and practical exams
  • 10 Day Class
  • 2 Endorsements

Is Crane Boot Camp For You?

  • Are you an experienced crane operator interested in further training to open up eligibility for better, higher paying jobs?
  • Are you a novice with no “seat time” whatsoever but recognize the earning potential of crane operator certification?
  • Did ever-changing Federal or State OSHA regulations suddenly leave you lacking the certification you need to carry on in your career?

Now there’s a solution for everyone in California and Iowa—NCT’s Crane School.

Nationwide Crane Training has been a recognized leader in mobile crane training for years. Now everything we offer on-site and around the country is available at two central locations, Riverside County, California and Iowa. Our students affectionately refer to our Crane Training School as “Crane Training Boot Camp”.