Crane Signal Certification in Illinois

More than 205,000 people in Illinois make their living in the construction business, including crane operators and signal people. While the certification requirements that took place in 2010 may seem like a hassle, keep in mind that proper crane training and certification can help to reduce the number of crane accidents and crane related deaths.

While the number of crane related deaths in Illinois is typically lower than in a few other states, it is higher than in others. Of course, even one crane related death is too many. Ensuring that you, or the people who work for you, are properly certified is not only the law, it could actually save lives.

Nationwide Crane Training is the best in the business when it comes to crane signal training in Illinois. We travel all over the country, providing private crane training near your business so you do not need to hassle with sending your employees elsewhere, dealing with travel expenses or arrangements.

We offer a variety of classes, including crane signalperson certification training. Sure, there are other companies, but why settle for anyone else when Nationwide Crane Training offers the very best:

  • A guarantee that states that participants will pass the written portion of the test
  • One of the highest pass rates in the entire industry
  • Lower cost: about 20% less!

It is easy to put off training, especially when business is going well and things are busy. But when you need crane signaling certification in Illinois, Nationwide Crane Training will come to you, allowing business to continue as usual while you and/or your employees get the necessary certifications.

Call NCT TODAY at 877-NCT-CRANE or 877-628-2726. We can arrange a date to be ON YOUR JOB SITE or in your area so that your employees will meet NCCCO requirements AND so that you will know you have done all that you can to provide a safe work environment.