Crane Operator Certification Classes

Crane operator classes prepare students for both the written and practical exams required for certification. When you need crane operator classes, Nationwide Crane Training truly is a one-stop shop. We provide prep classes and exams for certification that meets OSHA requirements and ASME. We offer both the written and the practical exams, so you will not have to find two providers – Nationwide Crane Training does it all.

We offer the following crane operator classes:

We also offer Safety Classes that can be customized to suit your needs.

Basic Information about our Heavy Equipment Operator School

We will arrange to host a class at various locations around the United States. Sometimes we have a group of operators from one company, several companies, a group of individuals, or a combination of all. We offer Private Crane Training or Open Enrollment Crane Operator Certification Classes. Both are guaranteed to get you certified and contain the following outline.

  • For private classes we test the candidates on their equipment that they are familiar with, at their facility. This gives the candidates a little advantage when taking the practical exams. For “open enrollment classes” that we offer there are always particular cranes available for individuals.
  • Typically we do a 3 or 4 day written exam prep class.
  • The day after the class is typically scheduled for the actual NCCCO written exams.
  • Depending on the number of candidates, we will either do the practicals every day after class (day light permitting), after the written exams, additional days or a combination of any of those scenarios.

Written Exam Prep Course Information

Our crane operator classes include a 3 to 4 day prep class for the written exam required for CCO certification. After covering the items that are included on the core exam, the instructors will then spend time going over the questions a candidate may see on the specialty exam (or exams) that they plan to take. This Prep Class is a cram session and is usually scheduled prior to the exam (the exam being on the last day).

  • Not only will candidates pass the NCCCO written exams, but they will understand crane operations and limitation and have a new found respect towards crane safety.
  • The class typically will include a mix of inexperienced and experienced operators.
  • Some candidates will be testing in 1 to 4 specialties.
  • The class is tailored for all candidates with the instructors devoting individual attention to each student.
  • We encourage each student to be self sufficient and promptly quiz them on what they’ve learned.
  • The first half of class room time is spent covering the core exam materials consisting of crane set-up, operation, and safety.
  • The second half of class room time covers the specialty exams, which covers load charts.
  • The third day is spent reviewing all previously covered material.

Each candidate must pass the core exam plus at least one specialty exam. Each exam is divided into four sections called domains. The core test includes 90 multiple choice question. The specialty exam includes 26 multiple choice questions. Both include the same four domains, but the domains are weighted differently on the core and specialty exams as indicated in the chart below. Candidates must pass with a 70% or better.

Domain Core Exam Specialty Exam
Site 20% 12%
Operations 26% 30%
Technical Knowledge 28% 23%
Load Charts 26% 35%

Practical Exam Information

  • How a candidate prepares for the practical exam will have a direct impact on his or her success. At Nationwide Crane Training, our instructors will help those who need to polish their skills and learn how to control the load which is not only vital to pass the practical exam, but to be a safe crane operator.
  • The practical portion of the certification process must be completed within 12 months of the written exam. There are four tasks that a crane operator will be required to complete.
  • Our Practical examiners will come to your site, lay out the practical exam course, and administer the practical exam per specialty. We also give practice time on the cranes. During this practice time, we train candidates on proper techniques in leveling the crane, catching the load, and other safety topics.

Why Choose Us?

Nationwide Crane Training boasts one of the highest pass rates in the industry. That is why we GUARANTEE that each candidate will pass the written portion of the exam.
We truly care about each candidate and want to help them succeed. Our instructors demonstrate this personal interest by taking the time to prepare each candidate for both the written and practical exam.
Our flexible class schedules and easy online enrollment forms make enrolling simple and fast. Also, the cost of our classes is about 20% lower than our competitors!

Class Costs

The cost of classes at Nationwide Crane Training depends on the class size. We offer reduced pricing for groups – even for groups as small as five. Contact us at 877-628-2726 for full details on current pricing.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that a candidate cancels a class, payments that have been made will be held for a future class. Refunds are not available. Also, any money that has been paid for travel, meetings rooms and other expenses that cannot be recovered will be billed to the client. Below are some additional details about Nationwide Crane Training’s cancellation policy.

  • All candidates must pre-register. Applications must be received at least two weeks before class begins. Later registration will result in late fees being applied.


  • In emergency situations, such as work conflict, illness or other serious family issue, the candidate will be allowed to reschedule the exam. A letter is required explaining the reason for the need to reschedule.  The candidate must notify Nationwide Crane Training prior to the date of the test, and the rescheduled test must be taken within one year. Cancellation for any other reason than those listed above are deemed unacceptable and rescheduling will not be possible.


  • As is the case for the written exam, pre-registration is required.
  • Rescheduling will be allowed on for emergencies or verified work schedules conflicts. Candidate must notify Nationwide Crane Training of the need to reschedule. Fees will not be refunded if the practical exams are not rescheduled.

See our Guarantee Policy