Nationwide Crane Training Reviews

“Teri, the NCCCO Crane Certification Course went well and it was very enjoyable. I know that we still need to wait for the official scores but watching the Soldiers during the practical examination I saw a big different. Almost no tennis balls were knock down to the ground. The confident of the Soldiers behind the Crane was eminent. Talking to the Soldiers after the Course was over we are sure that we got it right this time. Mr. Thomas McCoy represented your company in the highest way possible. I will not be surprise if we received all 10 Soldiers Nationally Certified or close to it. Mr. McCoy was able to instill the necessary confident and polished their skills to the max of their abilities. Our Chain of Command as well as the Soldiers that participated on this course are more than happy with it. Is being a pleasure doing business with Nationwide Crane Training. Looking forward to continue this partnership. God Bless! Once again thank you for your support.”~Training Specialist / The Army Aviation Brigade Fort McNair, DC / Davison Airfield, Fort Belvoir VA

“Hi Teri, just wanted to let you know I received my card. I want to thank you for everything you and Nationwide Crane did for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to pick for training. I went into this knowing very little and came out with my certification to operate. I’ve already been in the seat at work and that’s all thanks to you and everyone at Nationwide Crane. Thanks again Teri!”~Kyle K

“Thank you Teri! I thought the class was excellent! It was definitely a challenge, but Ron was a great instructor. He was patient, and easy to understand and follow. It was obvious that he wanted us to succeed and was willing to be there for as long as we needed. He did an excellent job of prioritizing time on the crane and time on the books depending on what each individual needed. Thanks again!”~Brian W

“I really appreciate the care with which you have handled this whole process, it has been very smooth and easy. Your instructor Ron was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the course of the class, and was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we understood the materials. I will recommend you classes to anyone looking to get NCCCO certified.”~Mike A

To Nationwide Crane Training: My name is Edwin Jacobson I want to express the professionalism of your company. Your company did exactly what it said It would do It guaranteed that I would pass My crane certification. My certification was almost due And I was really nervous because I’m not a young buck anymore. And I must say that Tim was more than a professional, he did a great job. You got me through this. Thank you very much! Really.

“I would like to send a letter of thanks to you and your company for all they have done in the past year to get me thru the crane certification. I was all but ready to give up and thought you folks were ready to give up on me also, but you kept telling me you were not finished yet so I stayed with it . I can’t think of any other training where they spend so much time trying to help people get thru the course like you folks did. A very special thanks to terry and guy for all the help and support. Thanks a million!”~Bill Batzkiel, CCT

“I got my result from my boss last Wednesday, and passed. I really owe this to you and the way you run your class. Your questions are right there with the questions that were on the test, and your load chart questions are harder then what were on the test, making the test a walk in the park. The information you provided us in the course was also very helpful for me work, I’m able to set my crane up in a manner that will enable me to get the most out of my crane when lifting. My lifts are a lot more smoother now that I take my “boom flex” into consideration prior to making a lift. I will definitely say that your class without a doubt has made me an all around better operator, and my co-workers also notice the difference. I also told my boss and our training coordinate that when the book the next class to be sure to ask for you and make sure that you are the instructor. Once again thank you, I had a blast, and if you were to tell me a month ago I was going to be a certified crane operator… I would have said your full of…. So hats off to you!” ~John Ross

“Nationwide Crane Training had their material well organized, in my opinion was very good at interacting with the class, and presented the information in a clear and concise manner. This class was presented, with case studies of accidents with cranes. They were presented, information and rules for operating a crane more safely and efficiently. Nationwide Crane Training pass/fail ratio for the testing of this class is impressive. I am pleased to be able to recommend Nationwide Crane Training  as a very competent source for crane operator certification training and testing.”~Leonard Smith

“I wanted to thank Nationwide Crane Training for the extremely informative class I attended last January. I was able to gain an abundance amount of knowledge on crane operation and practices, most importantly crane safety. Your extensive background in the crane industry is very noticeable, and your ability to teach all of this information in a classroom atmosphere is very impressive. As one of your student’s I feel I gained a new perspective as a crane operator, by being more efficient, and developed a skill with controlling the cranes load. Once again thanks for all of the tips, and I hope to attend one of your other classes.”~Juan Lopez

“I am happy to recommend Nationwide Crane Training for promotional consideration within your company. I had the pleasure of working with and observing NCT during the time of training and preparing our Crane Operators in order that they may obtain their “Certification of Crane Operators” NCT was organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever was needed to get our employees through this training process in a safe and timely manner. NCT’s cooperative attitude and good work ethics were important and appreciated in getting this training program completed-a dependable team player. Nationwide Crane Training deserves serious consideration as a potential candidate, and I recommend him highly.”~Daniel Burlington

“Don definitely has a HUGE impact on the students and their success as crane operators. I’ve talked to a couple of people that had taken a crane operators course in the past and had a miserable time. Everything for them was bad from the instructor and instruction to their overall results. Of the 4 People that took the class, none passed the first time around and only one passed the second time.
With Don as the instructor, there were 6 of us in the class and 5 of us passed the first time. The one guy that didn’t pass the first times passed the second time. I don’t know how you can possibly look for any better results of an instructor than that. Don uses a very direct method of teaching his class. He is very efficient and effective with the tools he uses to explain different scenarios so everything makes sense the first time, even when you’ve never heard of some parts/processes before. Don is very hands on, he has no problem jumping in and showing you the proper process to accomplishment to make sure you understand and have a greater chance of success.
I’m not going to make this too long so I will end it with one last comment, Don is a Great instructor who makes the class challenging but fun and as long as his instruction is followed… you can not fail!”~Bill

“Thank you so much for the great experience during the whole CCO crane certification class. You made the application process easy, and it was always pleasant speaking with you.  After hearing other operators tell how difficult their experiences were with other crane training programs, I was a little nervous. I found that with Nationwide Crane Training there was no need to be nervous. By the time that test day came I felt very prepared. I would highly recommend them and plan to use them in the future.”~Bobby G

“I just wanted to let you know I was very happy with the training class.  It was very informative, organized, and done in a very professional manner.  I would highly recommend Nationwide Crane Training Thank you!”~Jeff Hengelsberg

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful class and for helping these guys to take the tests and to pass them. To be quite truthful I had my doubts on a couple of people but they all fooled me and pulled through. Once again thank you.”~Howard de Fluiter

“We here at McMahon Construction have established a great working relationship with Nationwide Crane Training. They have certified several of our guys and their trainer is Excellent,Thorough and went the extra yard to help our guys if they needed a little extra help. The staff at Nationwide Crane Training, made putting on a class simply effortless for us. We plan to use Nationwide Crane Training in all of our crane certification needs from now on.”~Sandi Evans

“Thank you for providing us with the NCCCO training that we needed to take the crane operator certification.  Even though some of our staff had limited previous hands-on experience with our 17-ton boom truck, everyone passed the certification test and came away with a higher level of skill that is necessary to safely operate our boom truck.
Without the professional instruction by your staff, it would not have been possible for us to pass the NCCCO certification.  The instructor was extremely knowledgeable in the operation of the many types of cranes, rigging, and safety.  The information was well presented and easy to understand. All of us came out of the class with a better understanding of crane operation, their capabilities, and job site safety.
The classroom instruction and actual hands on training were beyond our expectations.  We will not hesitate to contact your company for our future crane training needs.”~Earl Varner

“Please accept our thanks for the professionalism you folks at Nationwide Crane Training exhibited during the execution of mobile crane operator training in our facility. Most especially, thank you for your help guiding our company through the NCCCO paper work, fees, etc making this effortless for us. All operators in attendance spoke highly of their preparation for the certification testing; actually they found the preparation harder than the CCO test. We will recommend Nationwide Crane Training to others and will not hesitate to use your company for future operator training.”~ Howard Sigrest

“My name is Steve Gallegos; I’m the Transportation Supervisor at the Valero Wilmington refinery my responsibilities are all crane activities which include training and testing. We have used several training companies over the years and I can say without hesitation that Nationwide Crane Training has provided us the highest quality instructors that were professional, courteous, and prepared. We have used them for both the practical and written portions of the NCCCO testing, which resulted in a very high pass rate for our crane operators.
It has also been a pleasure to work with the office personnel who worked very hard to accommodate our scheduling requirements and are very thorough with paperwork and billing.”

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