In the event that a candidate cancels a class, payments that have been made will be held for a future class. Refunds are not available. Also, any money that has been paid for travel, meetings rooms and other expenses that cannot be recovered will be billed to the client. Below are some additional details about Nationwide Crane Training’s cancellation policy.

  • All candidates must pre-register. Applications must be received at least two weeks before class begins. Later registration will result in late fees being applied.


  • In emergency situations, such as work conflict, illness or other serious family issue, the candidate will be allowed to reschedule the exam. A letter is required explaining the reason for the need to reschedule.  The candidate must notify Nationwide Crane Training prior to the date of the test, and the rescheduled test must be taken within one year. Cancellation for any other reason than those listed above are deemed unacceptable and rescheduling will not be possible.


  • As is the case for the written exam, pre-registration is required.
  • Rescheduling will be allowed on for emergencies or verified work schedules conflicts. Candidate must notify Nationwide Crane Training of the need to reschedule. Fees will not be refunded if the practical exams are not rescheduled.
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