NCCCO Recertification Study Guides

Crane operator certification is a valuable accolade you’ve earned through your hard work, intensive study, and dedication. But certification doesn’t last forever. In fact, federal regulations require crane operators be recertified at least every five years. By that time, it should be clear to anyone that you know how to do your job but—let’s face it—if you’ve been at the controls working as a mobile crane operator for those years, there’s probably been very little time to bone up on book learning. And when was the last time you had to take a test? If your recertification is coming up soon, you’re probably asking yourself, “how do I pass the NCCCO test?”

Nationwide Crane Training is here to help. We’ve been an industry leader in crane and heavy equipment operator training, testing, and certification for years. As such, we’ve curated an extensive curriculum from the best sources in the country, hired the best instructors who have real-world experience, and have helped hundreds of new operator candidates pass their initial exams to become NCCCO-certified and experienced operators earn NCCCO recertification. Part of the reason the success rates of our candidates is so high is our extensive library of NCCCO practice tests we’ve accumulated.

Why NCCCO Tests are Required for Recertification

NCCCO certification is a nationally recognized accreditation that verifies the holder possesses a core set of skills to allow them to operate mobile cranes and other heavy equipment safely and in accordance with OSHA regulations. Only certain training programs are NCCCO-approved because the organization goes to lengths to ensure their stamp of approval isn’t watered down by slapdash training and poor safety procedures.

NCCCO testing for crane operator recertification is required to ensure that the operator has retained that core knowledge they need to operate their machine safely and live up to the standards to which the best crane operators are held. While recertification requires that the operator successfully passes the NCCCO written exam, that operator may not have to take the practical exam required of new operator candidates because they’ve already exhibited the practical skills needed in the field.

Study Tips for Mobile Crane Operators Who Need NCCCO Recertification

Maybe you graduated school relatively recently. Maybe you’ve been out for a lot longer than that. Either way, you may have forgotten some of those good study habits that helped get you through those years of testing and exams. Below you’ll find a few good tips to help you prepare for your upcoming NCCCO recertification test.

  • Dedicate time. It can be hard to find time for yourself with work, family, and social obligations, but if being a mobile crane operator is a big part of your life then it’s important enough to prioritize. Set aside time specifically for boning up on your book learning.
  • Avoid distraction. Distractions can derail a good study session. Be sure that you block out everything that’s not necessary to the study process. That includes TV, phones, the internet, and even friends and family.
  • Set up a routine. One-and-done is not a good way to study for any test. Set up multiple time periods to go over the curriculum. Chances are, the more study sessions you have, the more material you’ll retain.
  • Study the way you learn. People learn in different ways. Some people learn better visually. Some people learn better by listening. Some people learn better in a hands-on fashion. While it may not be possible to study for your NCCCO recertification test at the controls of a crane, tailor your study sessions to fit your individual learning style.
  • Take a practice test or two. A good practice test can be an invaluable resource when it comes to taking your actual mobile crane operator recertification exam. These tests will allow you to see the types of questions you’ll be facing before you get to the actual testing location. This helps you hone your learning and helps you overcome any testing anxiety you might struggle with.

NCT Offers NCCCO Practice Tests for Nearly Every Type of Crane

Nationwide Crane Training has accumulated a library of NCCCO practice tests for just about every type of crane around. All together, NCT has 17 practice tests for crane certification and another handful for qualified signalperson!

To start off, we have five full core written exams—each of which is composed of four subdomains: site knowledge, machine operation, technical knowledge, manufacturer’s load charts. Each of these subdomains is further broken down into bite-sized skills like “understanding elements that affect ground stability” and “knowing how to level the crane” to make your learning as easy as possible.

This handy outline style also makes skimming back over areas you’re not 100 percent locked and loaded during study sessions!

In addition to those core exams, we have five additional specialty practice tests for small cranes, five practice tests for large cranes, and two practice tests for crawler cranes.

Need NCCCO Recertification?

When you enroll in any of NCT’s crane training classes, you’ll get access to our full study guide as well as all the NCCCO practice tests (complete with answers), so you can study on your own time. You can be ready for your recertification exam in just a few days and avoid those costly work stoppages and certification lapses that can keep you out of the operator’s seat. 

To learn more about NCT and any of the courses we offer, including our open enrollment courses at locations across the country, contact us online or call (877) 628-2726 today.

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