OSHA Revokes Crane Institute Certification (CIC) Accreditation

OSHA Revokes CIC’s Accreditation

In a shocking announcement last month (November 2019), the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revoked the accreditation of a previously nationally recognized crane training certification program. Crane Institute Certification (CIC) is no longer nationally accredited, meaning that the program cannot currently certify crane operators in the construction industry. Furthermore, certificates held by current crane operators were immediately invalidated by the move, leaving thousands of working operators without the necessary documentation they need to safely operate cranes and other machinery under OSHA regulations.

Is Accredited Certification Required?

OSHA regulations mandate that all crane operators engaged in construction activity (including the transport of certain building materials and construction-related equipment) be certified by a “nationally recognized and accredited” program. While there are some exceptions for mobile crane operators working in a temporary capacity on construction sites, the vast majority of crane operators (whether self-employed, employed by a contractor, or fulltime construction company employees) must have this certification in order to lawfully work.

If OSHA inspections find crane operators at worksites are not properly certified, the agency has the ability to issue stop work orders and citations that could result in steep fines.

What This Means for Your Crane Operators

Because the revocations of CIC accreditation was so sudden, OSHA has taken a lenient stance on enforcement. In a November 26th, 2019 press release OSHA stated that:

  • CIC-issued certifications are no longer compliant
  • OSHA “does not intend” to cite employers if their crane operators obtained CIC certification prior to December 2nd, 2019 “in good faith”
  • CIC certification will “temporarily” not be accepted by OSHA

Alternative OSHA-Approved Certification Programs

Nationwide Crane Training (NCT) currently offers a variety of OSHA-approved crane operator certification programs. These training programs result in operators earning certification accredited by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

Classes are available in:

  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • STC Certification

Enrollment for the next cycle of classes is currently underway at NCT facilities in California, Iowa, Alabama and North Carolina.

Additionally, NCT offers NCCCO accredited certification via private classes held at remote facilities across the country.

For more information about NCT, the nationally accredited crane operator certification programs they offer, or about scheduling a class near you, contact us online or call (877) 628-2726.

NCCCO Crane Operator Certification


NCCCO certificationNationwide Crane Training is a leader in providing individuals and groups with training and exams to obtain NCCCO Crane Operator Certification. More than ever, finding quality crane training is of the utmost importance. In addition to the added measure of safety a well-trained crane operator provides, NCCCO crane operator certification also meets – OSHA & ASME requirements. Continue reading “NCCCO Crane Operator Certification” »

Crane Training for Jobs in California

Crane Operator Training in essential for finding a Crane Job in California

Crane operator training in California is essential because the Golden State is one of a handful of states that require all operators to earn NCCCO re-certification every 5 years. Crane operators need to stay on top of their skills and any new regulations in order to remain constantly eligible for the over 8,000 high paying crane operator jobs in California.

How much can you earn in California? Crane operator training can lead to a very lucrative career for any individual. Entry level positions pay up to $39,000 per year while the average is closer to $54,000!

Crane Operator Training in California Made Easy

Nationwide Crane Training can make the certification and re-certification process easier so you can get on with your career and quit worrying about testing. Our dedicated Crane Training School is centrally located in Bakersfield, California and the course only lasts 6 days!

NCT has been in the business of training expert crane operators for years. We’re a nationwide company that provides expert instructors, hands-on learning, and a guarantee like no other. Not only are our crane operator classes affordable – up to 20% less than the competition – each student is guaranteed to pass the written portion of their exams!

In addition, NCT training is flexible and can be adapted to fit your schedule. We can even provide equipment on which to train if you don’t have — or don’t want to transport — your own.

From signalperson skills to crane safety and beyond, NCT offers a variety of group and individual crane operator classes across California. Find the classes nearest you: call 877-NCT-CRANE or 877-628-2726 right now.

Crane Operator Classes in New York

Crane Operator Classes in New York Help You Get Your Foot in the Door!

Crane operator classes in New York can put your annual salary over $500,000. That’s according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ discovered that many of the 6,000 plus union crane operators in the Big Apple were making $500,000 or more per year after wages and benefits were added up. In fact, the average salary for a crane operator in New York City comes in at just over $82 per hour!

That’s the highest in the nation!

But you need the skills to get the job. New York requires crane operator classes and NCCCO Certification for all crane operators union or otherwise. Thankfully, that process may soon become easier than ever. Governing agencies in New York are considering changing regulations so that NYC crane operators would only have to pass standardized national tests in order to work in the city. That would open up the thousands of crane operator jobs in NYC to workers from outside!

Nationwide Crane Training Classes in New York

At Nationwide Crane Training we’ve been providing the highest quality crane operator classes in New York for years. Our individual and group rates are competitive and the instructors are industry insiders with real in-crane experience.

Choose from:

We have the highest pass rate of any training agency and our instructors work hand-in-hand with students to ensure every one passes the written exam.

Call NCT today at 877-NCT-CRANE or 877-628-2726 for crane operator classes in New York.

School For Beginners

Learn How to Operate a Crane and Get Certified in just 6 Days!

Get training for a growing industry fast.

Who should attend:

  • Beginners
  • Novices
  • Anyone ready for a career change
  • Anyone interested in becoming a Certified Crane Operator

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    Crane Signal Certification in Illinois

    More than 205,000 people in Illinois make their living in the construction business, including crane operators and signal people. While the certification requirements that took place in 2010 may seem like a hassle, keep in mind that proper crane training and certification can help to reduce the number of crane accidents and crane related deaths. Continue reading “Crane Signal Certification in Illinois” »

    NCCCO Crane Test Prep in Texas

    Everything is bigger in Texas, right? That can certainly be said for the construction industry. In spite of the economic climate, there are still many crane jobs available in Texas. While the construction industry is marching on in the Lone Star State, it is important to make sure that you are current on all required NCCCO certifications before you apply for a job. If you have employees who work with cranes then it’s important to make sure that they have the required certifications as well.

    For some, taking the practical test is a breeze. Working with this equipment is something that they do day in and day out. The written test, however, provides a challenge for others.  Make sure that you or your employees are ready by taking part in Nationwide Crane Training’s NCCCO crane test prep class in Texas.

    Unlike with some other companies that only offer classes and prep testing at a few locations, Nationwide Crane Training goes all over the country. We come to you, so there is no traveling required. We offer classes that help participants feel confident and ready when test day arrives.

    • Our pass rates are among the highest in the industry
    • We guarantee that participants will pass the written portion of the test
    • And we cost less than our competitors!

    Not sure which crane training class you need? Check out our list of crane classes to get more information, then call Nationwide Crane Training at 877-628-2726 to see if there are already classes scheduled near you in Texas. If not, we’d be happy to schedule one as soon as possible.
    Don’t put off this important training. Nationwide Crane Training will bring the NCCCO crane test prep class  to a location in Texas near you, so you can keep running your business while we work on making sure that all of your employees have the proper training and certification.

    Crane Operator Classes in Arkansas

    Some would be surprised to learn that Arkansas, along with five other states, has one of the 2nd highest location quotients of crane operators in the entire country. There also seems to be a good number of employment opportunities in the state, with one job site listing more than 1400 open positions.

    Just because there are a number of openings, however, does not mean that employers are going to be lax about the quality of people that they want to hire. Crane training in Arkansas may even be more important than in some other states because there is a good amount of competition.

    For those looking to advance in their career, keeping current on all required NCCCO certifications is an absolute must. For businesses in Arkansas that have crane operators on payroll, making sure that your employees are current could be the difference between a good safety record and a workplace tragedy.

    Nationwide Crane Training offers everything that you need relating to crane training in Arkansas. We go where you are, so that you don’t have to worry about arranging for travel and other incidentals. Nationwide Crane Training (NCT) can get you or your employees ready to take the required tests to get their certification or to keep it current.

    Here are a few of the classes offered by NCT:

    NCCCO Certified Crane Operator

    Crane Safety 101

    NCCCO Rigging or Qualified Rigger

    NCCCO Signalperson or Qualified Signalperson

    NCCCO Recertification

    • And many more crane operator classes!

    There are a number of reasons why you should choose NCT:

    1. We offer one of the highest pass rates in the industry
    2. We guarantee participants will pass the written portion of the test
    3. We cost about 20% less than the competition

    Call us TODAY at 877-NCT-CRANE or 877-628-2726. Why wait? The best in the business will come to you and for a lower cost than many competitors. NCT is the BEST choice for all of your crane training in Arkansas. Call today!