NCCCO Crane Operator Certification


NCCCO certificationNationwide Crane Training is a leader in providing individuals and groups with training and exams to obtain NCCCO Crane Operator Certification. More than ever, finding quality crane training is of the utmost importance. In addition to the added measure of safety a well-trained crane operator provides, NCCCO crane operator certification also meets – OSHA & ASME requirements.

Why Get Yourself or Your Employees Certified

There are number of compelling reasons to obtain NCCCO crane operator certification, and a few of those reasons are listed below.

  • When CAL-OSHA implemented a similar certification requirement, they saw an 80% decrease in the number of fatal accidents involving cranes.
  • A similar study in Ontario, which has been ongoing since 1978, also shows an 80% reduction in fatalities and a 50% reduction in crane and rigging accidents since certification was required.
  • The majority of the industries in which cranes are used already certify their operators. And, the NCCCO is recognized by nine industry management and labor associations.
  • OSHA officially recognizes certification as proof that the training received by crane operators has been effective and that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge. For employers, this shows they have met training requirements.
  • It’s affordable! CCO certification costs as little as 2.25 cents per hour per employee over the period of certification. Recertification after five years costs just 1.5 cents per hour.

About the Certifications

To obtain crane operator certification through the NCCCO, each candidate must pass a written core exam, at least one specialty written exam and a practical exam.
There are four Mobile specialty exams:

  • Lattice boom crawler cranes (LBC)
  • Lattice boom truck cranes (LBT)
  • Large Telescopic boom cranes with a swing cab (TLL) Boom moves with the cab
  • Small Telescopic boom cranes with a fixed cab (TSS) Boom does not move with the cab

The written core exam includes 90 questions. Each of the specialty exams includes 26 questions. All questions on both the core and specialty exams are given in a multiple choice format.

The practical portion of the exam proves candidate’s proficiency when operating equipment. The practical exam can be conducted using a lattice boom crane, telescopic boom crane with a swing cab or telescopic boom crane with a fixed cab.

Candidates must also meet minimum qualifications as described in the next section.

Minimum Qualifications

Below are the minimum qualifications that all candidates must meet and maintain in order to keep NCCCO crane operator certification.

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must hold a current DOT physical exam card. If you do not have one, you will need to pass a physical.
  • Must remain in full compliance with both the NCCCO substance abuse and ethics policies OSHA & ASME.
  • Must be able to read English at an eighth grade level.
  • Must be proficient in basic arithmetic. Please note that calculators are not allowed during exams.

How to Prepare

When preparing for crane operator certification, some forgo prep classes and additional crane training, and choose to rely only on their current knowledge and experience in the field. This is not the best choice for most, especially when you consider that industry standards change.

At Nationwide Crane Training, we offer crane training and prep classes that were specifically designed with NCCCO crane operator certification in mind. Because not every candidate will learn at the same pace, we have a variety of prep classes ranging from two to four days. This allows for all types of learners to have the necessary time to absorb the needed information.

Our exam preparation is unique and prepares the candidates by giving them multiple practice exams, which are harder than the actual NCCCO exams.

For those candidates who need a little work preparing for the practical examination, our instructors will teach the candidate methods to control the load {aka “catching the load”} which is vital for the actual practical exam. If a candidate needs a little extra practice, NO PROBLEM! Extra hours of practice can be purchased so that each candidate can feel fully confident in his or her ability to pass the crane operator certification exams.

At Nationwide Crane Training, we want you to succeed. We put extra time and care into ensuring that each candidate that enrolls in our prep classes are fully prepared. Our pass rate – one of the highest in the industry – is proof of our commitment.