NCCCO Makes Getting Crane Operator Certification Easier

There’s no denying that safely learning how to operate a crane can be mentally demanding. The testing and certification process can be even more complicated. But the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators has recently taken several measures to make that process simpler, easier, and more cost-effective for operators-in-training. The new updates will go into effect immediately and include dramatically decreasing the number of complicated documents and diagrams that potential crane operators will have to pour over in addition to eliminating specific testing requirements altogether.

Simplification of the CCO CAD Library

The CCO has created dozens of Computer-assisted drawings (CADs) over the years to mimic real-world situations that crane operators in training may run into on the job. Those CADs have been used for years in the training and testing process. But a recent review of those documents found them to be overly complicated, out of touch with reality, and—at least the majority of them—redundant. That’s why the organization is streamlining their CAD library and cutting the number of drawings they’ll be using in future certification exams to just a handful.

A review of the documents found that a solid 80% of all real-world sites that operators might come across would be covered adequately by just twelve of the CADs the CCO had stored in their library. The remainder of the drawings were deemed excessive and, ultimately, unnecessary.

This will undoubtedly make the crane testing and certification process much easier for individuals in an operator training class. The CCO says that by limiting the number of CADs used in new testing applications it will:

  1. Reduce turnaround time for CADs by as much as three weeks—making the testing process quicker for trainers and trainees
  2. Decrease the amount of confusion and paperwork necessary for NCCCO-approved training and testing
  3. Improve the transparency of the CAD process by allowing test sites to whether a CAD is available for their crane before applying for one

But the simplification process doesn’t end there. The CCO has also examined individual testing processes to identify and eliminate redundant testing.

CCC Discontinues Boom Truck Fixed Cab Testing

The CCO announced in August of 2021 that it would be discontinuing the outdated certification process specifically assigned to Boom Truck Fixed Cab cranes due to redundancies and industry demand. While this may discourage some operators it’s actually good news that could potentially lead to more job opportunities and higher potential lifetime earnings for certified crane operators.

BTF testing and certification was created by the CCO because industry leaders requested it years ago. The process was designed to allow potential crane operators to get very specific certification so they could perform specific work on a limited stable of crane equipment. However, upon further examination, the CCO found that most operators and organizations are currently opting to use TSS certification instead. TSS certification allows operators to use BTF cranes in addition to a much wider array of heavy equipment at jobsites. TSS certification is, therefore, a much more valuable certification than the limited BTF variant.

This discontinuation doesn’t invalidate any existing BTF certifications, but when an operator comes up for recertification, they must take the full TSS test instead—effectively upgrading their certification and increasing their job opportunities automatically.

Now Is the Time to Get NCCCO Certified

While the CCO didn’t come out directly and state this, these two simplifications are likely in response to the increasing number of crane operator and heavy equipment operator jobs that remain open with in the construction, transportation, infrastructure, and utility industries. Indeed, over the course of the past two years, industry growth has remained steady, but the pool of new heavy equipment operators has remained relatively stable. This has created a worker shortage that has resulted in businesses paying much higher wages, offering huge sign-on bonuses, and adding other perks to their packages to entice uncertified individuals to get trained now.

If you’d like to learn more about NCCCO certified crane training and certification, contact Nationwide Crane Training today to find an open enrollment class near you. Open up your job opportunities and earning potential in just a few short weeks and change your life forever.