Nationwide Crane Training Reviews

Crane Training Testimonial

At Nationwide Crane Training, we are like one big family!  We all celebrate when a thank you letter or testimonial that comes through praising a job well-done.  

“I got my result from my boss last Wednesday, and passed. I really owe this to you and the way you run your class. Your questions are right there with the questions that were on the test, and your load chart questions are harder then what were on the test, making the test a walk in the park. The information you provided us in the course was also very helpful for me work, I’m able to set my crane up in a manner that will enable me to get the most out of my crane when lifting. My lifts are a lot more smoother now that I take my “boom flex” into consideration prior to making a lift. I will definitely say that your class without a doubt has made me an all around better operator, and my co-workers also notice the difference. I also told my boss and our training coordinate that when the book the next class to be sure to ask for you and make sure that you are the instructor. Once again thank you, I had a blast, and if you were to tell me a month ago I was going to be a certified crane operator… I would have said your full of…. So hats off to you!” ~John Ross