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At Nationwide Crane Training, we are like one big family!  We all celebrate when a thank you letter or testimonial that comes through praising a job well-done.  In the testimonial below Mr. Sandquist recommends our Don Childers for the Annual Crane Trainer of 2011 award.  This isn’t his first nomination and we hope it won’t be his last. 🙂

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is David Sandquist, Vice President and Safety Officer for United Contractors, Inc. a bridge construction company located in Johnston, Iowa. I am proud to recommend Mr. Don Childers for Annual Crane Trainer of the Year for 2011.
I had the opportunity to meet Don when he was in Iowa training for another company. I spent time researching companies that do the Crane Operator Certification training and it seemed to me that Don and Nationwide Crane Training, Inc. was the best in the industry.
In February 2011 Don was the instructor for our week long NCCCO certification class for 13 of our Supervisors and Crane Operators, of which I was one of the students. Don is a highly dedicated professional who motivates everyone in his class to strive for excellence. Don is the type of person that loves what he does and it shows when he works with the students.
During our training Don also taught crane signals and rigging. He is very knowledgeable and proficient in what he teaches. Most of the students in our class have not been in a school setting for many years. I specifically appreciated Don working one-on-one with each person to ensure they understood the information that they would later be tested on.
Our company stresses the importance of safety when working with and around cranes. Don reiterated in his training several points that are part of our safety training. Not only is Don programmed to teach his students what they need to know for the testing, he also wants them to be a valuable asset to their company.
We had 100% success rate on the exams.
David M. Sandquist

We’d like to thank Mr. Sandquist for taking the time to write this letter. It doesn’t just motivate us to keep up the hard work, but certainly helps convince prospective clients that we are the right Crane Training company for the job…