What Does a Mobile Crane Operator Do?

What does a mobile crane operator do during a typical shift? It depends on the job and the rig they are running, but there are a few things all crane operators do. They build houses, bridges, buildings, go on rescue missions—basically anything heavy that needs to be moved. You might be hoisting materials around or […]

Obtaining and Renewing Your Crane Operator Certification

Crane operator certification dramatically increases your job opportunities and earning potential but—like most things in life—your certification isn’t permanent. Just like a state-issued driver’s license, your crane operator certification needs to be renewed on a regular basis. How long does a crane operator license last? Depending on the type of certification you currently hold and […]

Why a Crane Certification Might Be Better Than a College Degree

If you like dealing with people and you’re good with your hands, a skilled trade is one of the best industries to get into. Crane operators are at the top of the food chain in the world of heavy equipment. No matter where you get started, you’ll need a crane operator certification to get hired. […]