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Heavy Equipment Operator School in Nevada

Find a High Paying Career in Nevada

Heavy equipment operator school isn’t the right career choice for everyone—but if you’re reading this, it’s probably the right one for you.

Sure, the pay rates are higher in the construction industry than they are in most other jobs in the private sector, but are you making as much as you want to right now? Are you jealous when you learn what those fellas behind the controls of the big machines at your job sites are making? Can you see yourself retiring soon—or at all—on the money you’re making now? Have you been thinking about upping your game and getting the skills you need to earn more?

Enrolling in heavy equipment operator school may just be the wisest financial decision you’ve ever made.

Your Path to a Higher Paying Career in the Construction Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nationwide average for a construction site laborer is just over $18 per hour. That might sound like a lot but in some areas of the country that’s what workers at fast food restaurants are getting paid off the street!

While that $18 figure is well above the federal and state minimum wages, it’s not nearly enough to buy you the financial security you’re entitled to. You might be just starting in the industry with car loans, rent payments, and a young family. You need all the money you can make right now to keep food on the table and a roof over your head. Maybe you’ve been at the job for years but can’t quite reach your retirement goal. You need to put a little bit more in your nest egg before hanging up your hardhat if you’re not going to struggle living on a fixed income. But to get that bigger paycheck you need to invest in yourself first. By making yourself a more valuable employee, you’ll increase your earning potential and safeguard your employment prospects.

Upward Mobility in the Construction Industry is Unparalleled

Thankfully, there’s a huge amount of upward mobility in the construction industry even if you’re unable or unwilling to spend the time and money to learn a trade like electrician. Salaries in the industry can break $100K for people with the correct training and certification even if they’re not a plumber, electrician, or engineer.

Nationwide Crane Training has helped over 7,000 people across the country get the skills and certification they need to make more money in their current roles and even upgrade their career to one that could potentially double or even triple their current income. In addition to our specialized crane training courses, we have a variety of classes that teach basic skills and techniques any construction worker can use to position themselves as a more valuable employee.

We offer:

  • Qualified signalperson training
  • Qualified rigger training
  • Boom truck certification
  • Heavy equipment operator training
  • Digger derrick operations
  • Telescopic boom crane training
  • Lattice boom crane training

One of the most important in that list is heavy equipment operator training. Why? Because as a Heavy Equipment Operator School, it’s one of the quickest classes we offer that allows you access to thousands of higher paying jobs in the construction, transportation, and infrastructure industries anywhere here in The United States and Canada.

(Indeed.com lists heavy equipment operator as one of the top 12 highest paying jobs in the construction industry.)

Heavy Equipment Operators in High Demand in Nevada and California

If you’ve thought about becoming a crane operator but don’t know if the investment of your time and money is worth it, just take a look at the job prospects you have right in your backyard.

The construction industry hit a crisis in 2020 with Pandemic lockdowns decreasing the number of construction projects by an estimated 25% and slashing the available jobs for most workers in the industry. However, statistics have shown that those workers who did retain employment during this work shortage were those who had more skills to offer or specified certification (like NCCCO crane operator certification).

Now that the pandemic lockdowns have lifted, the construction industry is facing a shortage of workers—especially those qualified individuals who can operate heavy machinery (like cranes) under OSHA regulations. That has led many companies to offer significant bonuses like higher starting wages and benefits like signing bonuses in order to entice new employees to fill those roles. Some studies have shown that the average wage for construction workers in general has increased by around 17% percent in just one year!

And the Pandemic didn’t stop everybody from building. Indeed, in Nevada alone the construction industry has grown over 16% in the last four years. While California is slightly behind that trend (with a growth of just 1% in the first half of 2021 compared to 2020), experts agree that the residential construction market is expected to maintain a steady, gradual increase for the foreseeable future as the demand for affordable housing in places like the Greater Los Angeles Area and rental properties across the state increases exponentially. 

That means companies like The Penta Building Group, Las Vegas Paving Corp., and W&W Steel are actively recruiting trained heavy equipment operators and certified crane operators. If you want a job at one of the best construction companies in Nevada, it’s time to make yourself the most attractive candidate in the pile of resumes.

Futureproofing Your Paycheck

Enrolling in a crane training or heavy equipment operator school isn’t just about getting more money now, it’s about futureproofing your paycheck. As mentioned above, the pandemic put an unprecedented crunch on the construction industry worldwide. With demand down 25% or more in select areas, companies had to make hard choices and keep only their most valuable employees—like their heavy equipment operators.

While we don’t expect another pandemic around the corner, there is something to be said for becoming an in-demand employee. According to the BLS, the construction industry is currently on track to add over 300,000 new jobs in just the next 15 years. That puts these high-paying employers among the top seven fastest growing industries in the country. In short, now is the time to get into construction (especially as a skilled construction worker). Getting in now puts you in a good position to earn seniority and get your pick of positions.

Earning the skills and certifications you need now will help you get a job tomorrow but it will also help you secure a much brighter financial future for the next ten years or more. In the long run, it’s that dramatically increased future income that can have the most significant impact on your life (and your lifestyle).

What Jobs Are Available to Heavy Equipment Operator Graduates?

Crane operator jobs are spread throughout multiple industries nationwide and our heavy equipment operator school in Nevada can help you land a high-paying position pretty much anywhere you like.

When you pass your NCCCO certification exams, you could find yourself behind the controls of a telescopic boom crane piecing together commercial buildings in fast-growing areas like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Henderson. The average salary for a certified crane operator hovers right around $80,000 per year!

Prefer something with a little more freedom? Our boom truck certification course will allow you to get behind the wheel of delivery vehicles in the construction, telecommunications, or infrastructure industry nationwide. Boom truck operators make an average of $25 per hour (with some clearing almost $60,000 per year).

Not sure you want to be behind the controls just yet? As a qualified signalperson you could be making an average of $51,000 per year with an opportunity to make as much as $96,000.

And many of the skills you’ll learn at an NCT crane training class are transferrable to other jobs above and beyond just crane operation. For example, our crane operators learn basic safety principles, rigging skills, signalperson skills, load dynamics, and jobsite movement skills. The sky really is the limit!

NCT Heavy Equipment Operator School

You can see why learning heavy equipment operator skills is so important.

  1. You increase your earning potential dramatically.
  2. You can have your choice of jobs in a variety of industries anywhere in the country.
  3. You become one of the most valuable team members on your boss’s payroll.

But how do you make the time to get those skills?

Three Ways to Learn—Choose the Best For You!

Nationwide Crane Training is an industry leader in the field with years of experience. We use a top-tier curriculum, hire only experienced heavy equipment operators as instructors, and guarantee that every enrollee will pass the NCCCO written exam!

We also have a variety of courses to suit your busy lifestyle.

NCT has dedicated training facilities in California, Iowa, and Nevada for students nearby or those who can easily travel.

We also host open enrollment classes at facilities around the country throughout the year so students who can’t take much time off from work or travel cross country can get the same expert training.

And for corporate or company clients, we can host remote training classes and testing at a facility of your choosing.

Want to learn more about the quality education we offer or need to inquire about any of our available open enrollment classes? Contact NCT today and take that first step toward your new future!