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Heavy Equipment Operator Training Near Me

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It’s time to take control of your career. It’s time to max out your earning potential. It’s time to find a job that you love and one you’re proud to do. It’s time to search for heavy equipment operator training near me.

Maybe you’re just a newbie day laborer. Maybe you’ve been working on job sites for years. Maybe you’re already in the trades. Maybe you don’t have any construction or heavy machinery experience at all. But the one thing you do know is that heavy equipment operators are the cream of the crop. These guys and gals command the big money. They get the choicest job assignments. They are the ones your boss is always on the lookout for. Isn’t it time you got a piece of that pie?

Taking that next step (searching for heavy equipment operator training near me) is just the first on your journey to a new life—one with a much higher satisfaction level, a much higher top-end pay rate, and one you can literally take anywhere in The United States and Canada.

We’ve helped over 7,000 men and women just like you improve their lives by helping them earn the skills and certification needed to land higher-paying, more rewarding jobs in fields from construction to infrastructure, to transportation, and beyond!

But if the above comments describe you, there are likely three things holding you back:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Worry

You’re already working a busy job, trying to balance personal and family time, and keep your sanity. And if you’ve not searched for heavy equipment operator training near me, you’re probably thinking those classes have to be expensive, right? How can you justify spending all that time and all that money when there’s no guarantee?

Affordable Heavy Equipment Operator Training Near Me

Nationwide Crane Training has been offering affordable heavy equipment operator training at our facilities throughout The United States for years. How is our training so affordable?

We’ve crafted our heavy equipment and crane operator training courses to be concise, efficient, and effective.

  1. Our course material has been gathered from the best, most trusted crane training sources to be effective, understandable, and easy use.
  2. We only employ instructors who have real-world expertise who can help you quickly grasp the skills you need to become a safe heavy equipment operator in no time.
  3. We structure our training toward your goals—achieving NCCCO certification, for example—and don’t load students down with a lot of information that they’re not going to need in their chosen field.

We’ve also chosen to affiliate with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) because their stamp of approval is one of the industry’s most trusted—meaning our course graduates may be more likely to land a high-paying heavy equipment or crane operator gig right out of the gate.

We also save you money by owning several of our own training facilities across the country including locations in California, Iowa, and right here in Nevada. These locations feature everything you need to learn those in-demand heavy equipment operator skills including classroom facilities and real-world hands-on training sites.

Earn Certification in Days Not Weeks

You’ve likely looked for heavy equipment operator training near me because time is of the essence. You can’t take a week or more off from work to travel halfway across the country only to spend much more time in a classroom than you actually need. NCT is mindful of your priorities and our open enrollment crane operator and heavy equipment operator classes don’t waste your time.

Our courses are so laser-targeted to your specific goals that they can be completed in as few as 2 days. That’s right, you can get NCCCO certification in just 2 days! We also offer 7-day crane operator training courses and qualified signal person training as well.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training Near Me With a Guarantee!

But saving time and money don’t mean much if you don’t walk away with the skills and certification you need to become a heavy equipment operator. That’s why NCT guarantees you’ll pass!

We guarantee a 100% pass rate on the written exam for everyone enrolled in our heavy equipment operator training courses. If you don’t pass the first time, the second test is on us. (See details of our guarantee on our website.)

Get your Certification or Earn Recertification Now

Is it time for you to make a change? Start earning NCCCO certification so you can get your heavy equipment operator license today.

Already an operator and in need of recertification to meet OSHA standards? Don’t let certification lapses and training delays cut into your paycheck!

NCT can help you. We apply the same level of professionalism and dedication to recertifying current heavy equipment operators (like crane operators) as we do to training newbies to operate machinery safely and effectively. You can get recertification in a couple of days and be back at the controls before the week’s out.

And all of our recertification training comes with the same assurance—you’re guaranteed to pass your written exam!

NCT’s Heavy Equipment Operator Training Near Me

We offer a wide variety of classes and courses including qualified signal person training, boom truck crane operator certification, and crane training.

But if you’ve searched heavy equipment operator training near me, you’re likely here to learn about our heavy equipment operator training classes.

Mobile Crane Operator Training

Our CCO Prep Class covers everything you need to know in order to earn NCCCO mobile crane operator certification.

This includes:

  • Rigging Practice and Safety – the fundamentals of rigging (gear, configurations and applications).
  • Crane Safety – heavy equipment inspection, site hazard identification, and use of PPE.
  • Mobile Crane Operation – Basic functions and standard procedures for operating heavy equipment mobile cranes safely.
  • Communication — Verbal and nonverbal methods of communications between the operator and signalperson.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Safety Inspection — Safety inspection and routine maintenance of heavy machinery.
  • On-Site Equipment Movement — Overcoming site-related hazards that can affect heavy equipment operation.

Our Qualified Rigger Program

OSHA no longer requires specific certification for riggers. However, these skilled individuals must still be classified as “Qualified” in the eyes of this regulatory agency. Our Qualified Rigger training program will help you meet this nationwide standard in one two-day class.

And while learning the technical skills and performance expectations of a professional rigger isn’t technically heavy equipment operator training, the program offered by Nationwide Crane Training encompasses some of the same skills you will need to become a successful heavy machinery operator.

Indeed, when you successfully complete our Qualified Rigger training, you will possess:

  • Basic knowledge of heavy equipment operation
  • Technical knowledge of rigging
  • The ability to inspect heavy machinery components for safety concerns
  • Understanding of universal hand signals used in heavy machinery operation
  • Experience with various rigging components
  • Enhanced situational awareness (essential for heavy machinery operators)
  • Understanding of heavy equipment safety standards and regulations

In addition, you’ll have hands-on experience under your belt. Our expert instructors use their real-world knowledge to deliver industry-leading training in the classroom and in practical situations.

Where to Get Heavy Equipment Operator Training Near You

Get the training and certification you need to land a high-paying heavy equipment operator job without traveling across the country. NCT has multiple heavy equipment operator training locations across the country.

  1. Train with us at any of our four locations
  2. Take advantage of remote open enrollment classes at locations near you

For Companies In Need of NCCCO Certified Heavy Equipment Operators

Nationwide Crane Training knows that time is money and your company may not be able to spend either sending your employees to our on-site facilities. That’s why we’ve opened up our training and created exclusive private classes you can schedule at a location of your choosing. These classes are identical to those we teach in our in-house locations but are offered at your doorstep. This cuts down on travel and lodging expenses and can be used to deliver “bulk” training if you have multiple workers who need these in-demand skills.

NCT is known for its customer service and each corporate training customer is treated like a special guest with a dedicated point person within our company who deals with all of the logistics and ensures delivery of a seamless training experience, whether you opt to send your employees to us or choose to have us come to you.

Companies large and small from around the country have given us excellent reviews for our dedication to providing the highest quality training with the least amount of hassle possible.

Want to learn about “bulk” training for your employees? Contact us today and see the benefits of working with an industry leader.

Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs Near You!

If you’ve searched for heavy equipment operator training near me, you’ve also likely dreamed of finding a heavy equipment operator job after your training. You can find tons of high-paying jobs in Nevada without having to look too hard.

The average annual salary for a crane operator in Nevada is around $70,000 per year with top earners raking in more than $95,000. That’s slightly lower (by 2%) than national averages for crane operators but those individuals are in much higher demand than ever before. Indeed, the job crisis of 2020 has contributed to a net increase of nearly 25% for all jobs in the construction industry nationwide.

And Nevada is a heavy equipment operator’s dream with an expected growth of 13% in the construction sector this year alone.

You don’t have to have years of experience under your belt to start earning big money. According to Indeed, crane operators in Nevada can expect to earn an average hourly wage of $26.40 with just 12 months of hands-on experience.

Position yourself for success and jump into the construction boom in Nevada feet-first. Earn your NCCCO heavy equipment operator certification with NCT and change your life forever.