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Why is online crane operator training so important to you? When you’re working in the construction or transportation business—or any business at all, really—time is money. But you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to safety. OSHA and other organizations are increasing inspections at job sites around the country to ensure that contractors are providing safe work environments for their employees. That means those inspectors will also be looking at the certification status for your crane and heavy equipment operators. Violations and lapsed certifications can lead to hefty fines, work stoppages, and worse. You simply cannot afford to let certification slip by the wayside.  Online crane operator training is the fastest, easiest, and often the most affordable way to get the certification you need to get (or stay) behind the controls of these essential machines.

Whether you’re just starting out as a machine operator and need your first crane certification or you’re an experienced crane operator who just needs recertification, Nationwide Crane Training is here to help with industry-leading online crane operator training.

Why You Need Certification Now

The OSHA Standard You Need to Know

For crane operators (and the contractors who employ them) OSHA Standards can be a hassle—that is if you can even understand them. Like most government documents, they’re convoluted, confusing, and dense to the point of being unreadable. However, these important standards were enacted to protect workers (and end-users) across the country. Often these individual standards were created in response to an actual crisis, accident, or event.

For crane operators, certification is mandated under OSHA Standard 1926.1427 and several of the subsections contained therein. Boiled down to its most basic interpretation, this standard states that:

  • Crane Operators must be certified via crane training and testing process of written and practical exams.
  • Any organization providing such online crane training must be accredited by one of the few trusted agencies created to ensure training and testing is of the highest caliber.
  • Certification must be renewed every 5 years.

Of course, there is more to the standard than that (including provisions for recertification and exemptions/exceptions for abnormal cases) but that’s the general flavor of the regulation.

Failure to follow this standard to the letter can result in serious career-crippling fines and certification revocation.

But getting the correct certification isn’t always easy—especially in this crazy post-pandemic work environment where every system seems to be overwhelmed. So what can Nationwide Crane Training do to help you or your crane operators?

NCT Makes Online Crane Training and Certification Easy

Online crane training from NCT can solve multiple problems and eliminate several of the most common obstacles that keep otherwise qualified individuals from earning crane operator certification. We offer in-person training at multiple facilities, hold open enrollment classes nationwide, and can host remote learning at a location of your choice. In addition, we offer multiple online crane operator training resources you just can’t find anywhere else.


NCT’s online crane training classes can be completed in days, not weeks. That means that you (or your equipment operators) aren’t held hostage by a schedule that doesn’t fit your own. This is a great benefit for individuals who are looking to change jobs quickly to adapt to an ever-growing construction industry or for contractors who have operators currently working for them who need recertification fast.

And because you’re saving time, you’re decreasing downtime, increasing productivity, and protecting your bottom line.


Not only will NCT’s online crane training programs save you payroll dollars, they can save you actual dollars as well. Because we’ve been in business for years, our systems are already streamlined to perfection. We offer crane training led by real-world experts who have decades of experience behind the controls of cranes and other heavy equipment.

Our curriculum contains high-impact information that’s presented in an easy-to-understand fashion first-time or newbie operators will be able to grasp. This often eliminates the need to retest in order to achieve certification. (In fact, we’ll guarantee you pass the written exam!)

All of this translates into a more cost-effective way to train—meaning we can offer our courses at lower prices than many of the other crane training companies out there.


Some crane training facilities require you to come to them. That can be a costly and time-consuming adventure—especially when classes could take up to 2 weeks to complete! NCT offers multiple ways for you to overcome that travel barrier.

If you’re a corporate client who has multiple operators that need certification or recertification, NCT offers private classes at a location of your choosing. These training sessions combine our world-class instructors and industry-leading curriculum combined with machinery you already have to get all enrollees up to speed and ready to sit behind the controls in no time. 

Pass Guarantee

OSHA Standard 1926.1427 requires that certified crane training companies offer trainees the ability to retest should they fail the certification process the first time around. However, that standard says nothing about not paying for the process a second time!

Nationwide Crane Training offers an NCCCO crane training course that includes a guaranteed pass on the enrollee’s written exams. If you fail the certification process the first time, your retest is offered at no charge to you!

Keep in mind, with our direct learning sessions, expert teachers, and easy-to-use learning materials enrollees don’t often fail—but if you do, we’ve got your back!

Forget the Rest, 3 Reasons NCTs Online Training is the Best

Companies Can Easily Avoid Compliance Issues

Don’t let OSHA violations shut your job sites down. Sure, the fines can be hefty and cause a bit of a financial pinch but the real killer is the downtime. Every minute your machines sit idle, money is bleeding right out of your pocket. It might be exciting to tempt fate but the financial implications for continuing to use uncertified crane operators are just too brutal to consider. NCT can help you avoid all of that with the online crane operator training course that prepares students to take the NCCCO’s general and crane-specific written exams.

Even Expert Crane Operators Need Regular Recertification

It’s easy to lose track of your certification status when you’re trying to manage the daily routine at one job site—let alone a half-dozen. The recertification deadline can sneak up on you fast. That’s why NCT offers you multiple ways to get recertified quickly and minimize your downtime. Don’t let the fear of potential OSHA violations keep you sidelined. Enroll in one of NCT’s online crane operator training classes now and stay behind those controls, making that money.

Exam Guarantee

Taking tests makes some people extremely nervous. We get it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. NCT is one of the very few nationwide crane training organizations that offer a written exam guarantee. If you fail to pass the written exam, you can take it with us again at no additional charge. That’s right—we guarantee you’ll pass!

NCT’s Online Crane Training Program Can Change Your Life

Want NCCCO certification to earn more money? Need recertification to stay productive? Nationwide Crane Training can help with loads of resources including online crane training, in-person classes, NCCCO approved testing, and more!

“I wanted to thank Nationwide Crane Training for the extremely informative class I attended last January. I was able to gain an abundance amount of knowledge on crane operation and practices, most importantly crane safety. Your extensive background in the crane industry is very noticeable, and your ability to teach all of this information in a classroom atmosphere is very impressive. As one of your student’s I feel I gained a new perspective as a crane operator, by being more efficient, and developed a skill with controlling the cranes load. Once again thanks for all of the tips, and I hope to attend one of your other classes.” ~Juan Lopez